Neobits || Best Crypto Earning Platform Earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrency doing simple tasks!

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Neobits || Best Crypto Earning Platform Earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrency doing simple tasks!

Best Crypto
Earning Platform Earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrency doing simple

neobits is a free cryptocurrency earning and reward platform where user will able to earn crypto just by doing free simple tasks!

Withdrawal and deposit :

Minimum deposit $1 by FaucetPay 

Don t onther website


You must complete at least 20 faucet claims, before being able to withdraw your funds!

Claims : 

Faucet  claim without investment, Claim Coins at each interval , Simple and easy enough Claim FREE Coins every 15 minutes , Lucky NumberReward

Roll claim : 

Roll exactly 99,999 to win the

Jackpot of 20,000.00 Coins!

Daily bonus :

Login every day to claim FREE Coins!

Daily Bonus is growing with 1 Coin each day you claim it (up to 30 Coins), as long as you re active daily.

If you miss to claim your daily bonus, your bonus streak will reset.

Don t forget to claim everyday.

Server Time: 

PTC view ads : 

Visit websites listed this page by clicking on Visit button, then wait for the countdown to be credited. You have to visit one website at the time, otherwise you

 won t be credited. Those websites can be visited once a day, after you visit all of them, you can visit them again after midnight. If you want to promote your own website or affiliate URL, click here.

complete  shortlinks :


Solve these shortlinks and earn Coins for every shortlink passed. You must solve one shortlink at the time, you can t solve more than one shortlinks at once. Each shortlink reset after 24 hours since your last visit, if you complete a shortlink now, you ll be able to solve the same shortlink again after 24 hours.

 We have no control over these shortlinks, if you see any error on any of those shortlinks, it s from the respective shortlink and we can t do nothing to fix it. If you don t know how to complete shortlinks, please follow this short tutorial: https://youtu.be/vWkAI55iMPw

There is a Shortlinks Contest in progress, right now you have 0 Points.

Achievements & Stats :


Total Claims

Total Referral

Ref Commisions

Offerwall Leads

Shortlink Completed

RequirementsReward200 faucet claims50 CoinsUnavailable1,000 faucet claims100 CoinsUnavailable2,000 faucet claims150 Coins

Weekly Challenges 

Complete 50 Shortlinks

Complete 60 PTC Ads

Complete 50 Offerwalls

Complete 250 Faucet Claims

Complete 40 PTC Ads

Complete 100 Faucet Claims

Redeem Coupon

If you have received an coupon code, you can validate it here.

For welcome gift use coupon code: neobits

Lottery system 

join the lottery
Winning ticket is random selected automatically and if you win the lottery, you will receive your prize instantly after the end of the round. Every lottery ticket costs 20 Coins or $0.0020.

Referrals system 

Invite your friends to get more coins!

Invite your friends using your special affiliate URL and receive 10% of their faucet claims, 5% of their offerwalls earnings, 5% of their shortlinks earnings and 5% of their paid to click earnings for life!

Account is automatically deleted due inactivity after 270 days. That s why after a long time you can see fewer referrals

More Earning Section Games, Contests

 Crypto Games

Dice Game

Coin Flip Game

Scratch Ticket

Investment Game


Referrals Contest

Offerwalls Contest

Shortlinks Contest

Faucet Contest

Buy PTC Ads Page Create PTC Ads 

The following advertisements are NOT allowed:

Adult (18+) content, illegal products and services (drugs, organs, weapons, prostitution), framebreakers, URL shorteners, copyright infringing material or websites that never load.

It is important to mention that if you try for any illegal websites, we will take them down and you won t be refunded.

Purchase Balance 

Please enter the amount do you want to transfer into your 

Amount TransferMin. transfer 1000 Coins

website history 



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